Vitamin E Cream 1000 I.U

Vitamin E Cream 1000 I.U




Bluace's E cream 1000 I.U. contains 1000 International Units of vitamin E which can be used for various purposes such as moisturizing the skin and making the skin look flawless and protecting the skin from being too tanned by the Sun.




Bluace's E cream 1000 I.U serve various purposes for skin management. This product can be used for sensitive skin such as eczema and psoriasis. This product is also used to protect the skin from getting direct sunlight burns and avoid the skin drying and getting too tanned by sunburn. This multipurpose cream also serves as stretchmark management on the stomach and leg area. With Vitamin E 1000 I.U. this cream serves the best in moisturizing the skin from drying and keeps the skin fresh all day long.  E Cream helps to prevent premature aging, complements your sun protection regimen, keeps skin moisturized, may reduce the appearance of scars, and soothes and hydrates irritated skin.




Apply the cream after bathing on sensitive skin areas and to the area exposed to direct sunlight often every day. Apply the cream gently on dry and cracked skin daily for quick results.


Active Ingredients


Ingredients Functions
Vitamin E 1000 I.U.  As a natural antioxidant,
Aloe Vera Extract  The antibacterial and antimicrobial properties can help to prevent skin infections, 
Paraben  No